There are four categories of CAAS membership recognized by the Constitution and By-Laws: regular, contributing, associate and honorary.

  • Regular Membership is open to anyone who holds a postgraduate degree (e.g. M.A., Ph.D.) in African Studies or a related field and is interested in the development of African Studies and recognizes the norms and principles of the CAAS.
  • Contributing Membership is open to any individual or a corporate body active in the field of African Studies or supporting it materially and subscribes to the aims of the CAAS.
  • Associate Membership is available to students who are pursuing a degree programme in African studies or a related field or to undergraduate degree (e.g. B.A.) holders active in African studies or in promoting African artistic creation.
  • Honorary Membership is awarded to Africanists who have contributed to the development of African Studies in the CzechRepublic and its promotion in Africa and elsewhere in the world.

All members of the CAAS have the right to take part at the meetings of the General Assembly, be informed about other activities of the Association, participate in, and contribute to their preparation. They can also raise suggestions and give recommendations for the improvement of the standard and quality of African Studies, and take advantage of the CAAS’ publications free of charge or at discounted prices. Regular members further have the right to vote and the right to elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the Association.


To sign up for the CAAS you need to fill in the application (download) form send the completed and signed document either by regular mail to:

Česká Asociace pro Africká Studia
Rokitanského 62
500 03  Hradec Králové 
Czech Republic 

or electronically to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Decision on admission

The admission of new members is decided by the board of the CAAS at its regular meetings. The board will also inform the applicant of its decision.

Membership rates

Regular and contributing members: 500 CZK (roughly 20,50 Euro or 21,2 USD)

Associate members: 250 CZK (roughly 10,25 Euro or 10,60 USD)

Honorary members: voluntarily

Banking details

The CAAS has an account with Fio banka in the Czech Republic.

Payments within the Czech Republic
2700579710 / 2010

International payments
IBAN: CZ4320100000002700579710

Do not forget to fill your full name and the year you are paying for into the "message for the payee".




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